Are These Bleaches Actually Helpful or Tiles and Grout

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Cleaning the bathroom is something everyone would want to do. But the most irritating of it all would be grout cleaning.  The grout in the bathroom tiles or near the kitchen sink tiles would be the hardest ones to clean. You will need ample time for all that. If you feel that you just don’t want to spend your weekend afternoon cleaning all these mess then you must appoint someone for tile and grout cleaning. Generally, handing over this task to someone professional would be a better idea.

Why is Grout Cleaning Vital?

The grout has a porous nature and hence, if not cleaned properly, it will become a home ground for bacteria and germs.  If you want your home to be completely clean then you will have to also think of cleaning the floor tiles, the wall tiles and the grout. You can buy special grout cleaners which are easily available in the market and use them as per the instructions. If you don’t know how to do it then you can contact the professionals to take up this task for you.

Bleaching Tiles and Grout

Should You Be Using The Bleaches to Clean The Grout?

  • One of the biggest mistakes that the home owners make is using the bleaches for cleaning the tiles and the grout. But there are a few negatives that you should know.  When you use the bleaching agent, initially you will feel that it is getting the grout cleaned well. But later when you dilute it, the effectiveness will be reduced.
  • Bleaches destroy the protective layer over the tiles. Thus, if you consider this type of cleaning from the longer term viewpoint, then it means that you will end up damaging the tiles and the other fixtures in the bathroom.
  • Bleaches have caustic and hence, if you do not take care while handling the same, you might get skin rashes too.
  • Bleaches do not kill the mold and the mildew. Thus, when you clean the grout you will feel that the mold is all gone. But actually, there will be no difference at all.
  • If you happen to use bleaches on the tiles and also on the faucets then there will be rusting and corrosion over the metal items. 
  • With all these explanations, it is clear that bleaches are actually not helpful for tile and grout. Rather you can either appoint someone for tile and grout cleaning in Canberra.

The Best and Professional Solution

Since, you need to be perfect in doing the cleaning, it is vital that you get in touch with Squeaky Clean Tile and Grout. We are the best solutions for your tile and grout cleaning.

You might contact us on (+61) 482 079 369. We are pioneers in these cleaning tasks. Have you ever tried cleaning grout at home? Have you found it to be quite difficult to do? If yes, you will need us. We have an expert team which will bring along the special cleaning solutions which are safe to use over your tiles and grout.

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