A Complete Guide To Kitchen Tile Cleaning

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Kitchen is the most important room in every home. With everyday cooking, kitchen tiles and walls may get dirty. You can find grease on your kitchen tiles not only this many food stains are also found in the kitchen tile which becomes tough to remove. Every homeowner wants their kitchen to be neat and clean but the result they find is stained and greasy tiles. So to make the kitchen tiles look beautiful and neat you should put a lot of effort. The experts suggest doing the kitchen tile cleaning frequently so that there is no formation of grease or stains. There are many homely methods through which you can clean your kitchen tiles. 

Kitchen Tile and Grout Cleaning
Kitchen Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tips For Kitchen Floor Tile Cleaning

  1. Vacuum The Tiled Floor:

    Vacuuming helps in removing the dirt particles. After sweeping do a thorough vacuuming this will result in the removal of dirt from grout too. You should do this before you apply the water on your kitchen tiles. Use best and special vacuum machines available in the market.  

  2. Vegetable Oil:

    Vegetable oil works wonderfully in cleaning the kitchen tiles. You may cook food so it is obvious that vegetable oil is available in your kitchen. You can use it as a weapon to fight with the tough stains which are residing on your kitchen tiles. Take a towel and put oil in it, scrub on the tiled floor properly. To remove the vegetable oil you can use some detergent and water. This method can result in stain and grease-free kitchen tiles.

  3. Baking Soda:

    Baking soda is the best solution to remove the grease and stains present on your tiles. This product can be easily found in every kitchen. All you have to do is take a little amount of baking soda and sprinkle it over the sponge and then scrub it over your kitchen tiles. Put extra force while you scrub and ensure that all the stain and grease are coming out. Later use distilled water and dip the sponge in it. Clean your tiles gently using the water-dipped sponge. The result will be mesmerizing. This method is the most-trusted method for kitchen floor tile cleaning.

  4. White Vinegar:

    This is another cleaning solution which can be applied to clean your kitchen tiles. White vinegar is a very strong solution and can remove all the bad odour as well as grease. Homeowners can regularly use this tile and grout cleaning services solution to keep their kitchen tiles in good condition. You can mix the vinegar with water and then use it for cleaning the tiles. Vinegar even helps in kitchen tile stain removal. 

  5. Borax:

    There are many homely methods which help in getting rid of grease, oil stains and other food stains from the tiles, one among them is borax. In this solution, you have to mix lemon juice and borax paste. Afterwards, apply it over the dirty areas of your kitchen tiles. Let the solution stay on the tiles for some time and then use a clean cloth and wipe the paste. Take water and sponge it again so that there are no marks left.

  6. Salt:

    You may wonder how salt helps to clean the kitchen tiles. But to your surprise, salt is known as the best natural cleansing agent. So for a neat and spotless kitchen take some salt and sprinkle it directly over the grease. After this step, spray some amount of vinegar in that area and then wipe the solution using a cloth or sponge. Be careful while following the method. See to it that you have sprinkled and wiped then the solution in all the areas of your kitchen which is stained and greased.

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