Grout Cracks Repaired

8 Jun   
Jun 8

We were not aware that grout cracks can be repaired and thought that the only solution was replacing the entire flooring. So we had been living like that for a while when my father-in-law suggested that we should do something about it as it gave a bad impression. So we called Squeaky Clean Tile and Grout Melbourne and made an appointment for their pre-inspection. We had asked them to replace the floorings but when the experts arrived they suggested us to go grout repairing as it would be cheaper and less hectic for us. We were pleased to know that they were really wanted to do a fair job. The repairing took a few days and now our floors look flawless with no cracks at all. Thanks to the whole team of Squeaky that did a marvelous job and saved us a big amount.