Do A Makeover of Your Bathroom In Budget

22 Aug    Blog
Aug 22

Our bathroom is the most relaxing and refreshing place in our houses. If you want to do a makeover of your bathroom, you don’t need to spend a hefty money. With a good plan and budget management, you can have good materials for your bathroom. Note down the things which things are needed to replaced and the things which can be fixed through renovations. To make a make a perfect bathroom all it takes is a good plan. Below you can find different suggestions.

Bathroom Tile Cleaning
Bathroom Tile Cleaning

Generate Idea

  1. To make a plan, you first have to visualize that how your bathroom should look. You can inspire from related magazines, movies or anywhere.
  2. Note down your plan, prepare a rough blueprint. So that your bathroom will go without any error.
  3. Note down the shopping items and arrange them.
  4. Note down steps for beginning the work. For example, paintwork should be done first. But if you want to change the bathtub or tiles, do it first. Plan accordingly.

Start The Work

  1. Choose the colour of your wall, and paint it. Use a water-resistant paint. If you have installed tiles in your bathroom polish it, but after doing rest of the work.
  2. Install the bathroom wardrobe and all the other accessories.
    Bathroom Tile Cleaning Services
    Bathroom Tile Cleaning Services
  3. Regrout the tiles or install new tiles. The tiles are 50% attraction of a bathroom because it’s a canvas of your bathroom.
  4. Change your door, install doors which are water-resistant. Doors are a necessary thing, so choose the door with matching tiles.

Professionals Do It Better

The makeover of a bathroom is a lot of work, hiring professionals would be more comfortable. Tell us what to do and we’ll do the same. Squeaky Tile and Grout Cleaning has many styles and ideas to make your bathroom awesome. Call us to makeover your bathroom, we offer service in Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide