5 Common Tile and Grout Problems

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Tiles in the house or offices are installed to enhance the look of the place. Home and business-owners install different types of tile for the different purpose. But this is not where the work ends, this is where the work actually commences off. In order to maintain the charm and tidiness of your place, you need to pay special attention to the tiled surface. Because of daily use and environment changes your tiles have to bear a lot. One of the common problems in the homes is mould growth on kitchen and bathroom tiles. There are many other problems associated with your tiled surfaces such as stains, dirt, loose tiles or white residue. If you are tired of doing Tile and Grout Cleaning with no luck, below is the solution.

Tile And Grout Cleaning
Tile And Grout Cleaning

Common Problems Associated With Tile and Grout

White Residue on Tiled Surface

White residue on the tile and grouts is known as efflorescence. The accumulation of this white residue in on your tiles is a very common sight. The situations are caused when water seeps inside the tiles and the mineral present in the water form crystals. This is where efflorescence takes place.

Efflorescence is one of the most common tile issues, which is not limited to only tiles but covers your grout as well, as grouts are also very much porous in nature. To resolve this efflorescence issue, the source should be located. The leaks in the tiles allow water to penetrate deeper and cause the problem. Trying any DIYs for Efflorescence Treatment is never a good idea. Hence, it is important you hire professional tile cleaning services for getting rid of white residue from the tiles.

Dirty and Stained Grout  

Grouts usually are made up of porous substance and attract dirt, dust and stains. The grouts mostly get dirty while cleaning the tiles. As the joints of the grouts are located little below from the tiles and while you scrub, mop or clean the tiles, dirt and impurities get accumulated on the grouts. Also, the grouts can stain immediately, and if not treated on time, stains can take a permanent place. Hence, it is important you pay special attention to your grouts and clean them regularly. And besides regular cleaning and mopping your tiles demand Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning as well.

Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning
Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning

Dirty and Stained Tiles

It is almost impossible to save your tiles from getting stained and dirty. The porous nature of the tiles attracts dust, dirt,and stains. Only regular cleaning can help you get rid of such issues. You can also use some of the homely methods for cleaning the stains off your tiles. Club soda and non-abrasive floor tile cleaner work wonders in Tile Stain Removal.

Mould on Tiles

Mould is yet another one of inevitable conditions that can ruin the look of your tiles along with your health. Such developments on your tiles lead to a number of health issues such as shortening of breath, asthma, and other respiratory problems. Mould growth mostly takes place on kitchen and bathroom tiles, as these are the places where they find the favourable conditions. As the mould is harmful to your health, it is advised you hire the professional tile cleaning services for Tile Mould Removal.

Milky Tiles

There are times when you notice cloudy or milky shade on your tiles. This indicates that you have used a wrong cleaning product. Hence, this is advised to do a proper research before applying a cleaning product directly, as not all types of products do fair with all types of tiles.

Tile Mould Removal
Tile Mould Removal

Hire The Professional Help

If you can relate all or any of the problems mentioned above and are looking for the solutions, you can hire professional help. Hiring the professionals saves your tiled surface and give them a new life. We at Squeaky Clean Tile and Grout offer the world-class services for tile and grout cleaning at most reasonable prices. Be it is kitchen tile cleaning or bathroom tile cleaning, our team never fails to impress. Besides tile cleaning, we offer complete tile restoration services.