Can you do floor removals?

Yes, Squeaky Cleaners are expert in floor removals. If you are planning to renovate your shower area, kitchen area, bathroom area or any other area where you need to remove the floors first then we are here to help you. We have been dealing the same industry for more than 10 years in Melbourne and we are experts of taking care of tiles and grouts. We cause minimal destruction and hassle to our customers while completing our job. You can be sure of utmost quality of floor removals with Squeaky Cleaners.

Can you remove water marks from tiles on my terrace?

Yes, we have special stain removal techniques and methods by which we clean your tiles spotlessly. Our certified cleaners can do away with any kind of stains no matter how tough they seem. For tougher stains we have pre-treatment option that we use whenever required. Just give us a call to make a booking for your tile and grout cleaning and leave everything to us. Our immaculate tile cleaning services will bring a new shine to your tiles, removing all stains whatsoever.

How much will tile and grout cleaning cost to me? Do I have to pay in advance?

We believe in providing cost-effective cleaning solutions to our customers. Our tile and grout cleaning services are available at a very reasonable price. However, for a rough estimate for your specific needs we request you to give us a call and have a word with our customer service executive. They will guide you through the tile cleaning process and explain you all the necessary details. By sharing a few details with us, you can get a rough estimate for tile and grout cleaning.
No, you do not need to pay even a penny in advance. We only charge you for satisfactory cleaning services. So, you have to make the payment once the job is finished and only if you are completely satisfied with our services.

Why should I choose Squeaky Cleaners?

Squeaky Cleaners is a renowned name in the industry of cleaning. We have been serving our valuable customers from across Melbourne for over a decade now. We had a track record of 100% satisfied customers. We use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions to clean tiles and grouts to preserve our environment. We have certified cleaners who are not just qualified for the job but insured as well. We have flexible timing and we work as per your convenience. We are open 24×7 to assist you anytime of the day. We do have same day and emergency services in case you require them. And thus, we are the BEST tile and grout cleaners of Melbourne!

Where are your services available? And do you work on weekends?

Our tile and grout cleaning services are available in all suburbs of Melbourne. Our skilled cleaners live across Melbourne to ensure that none of our customers get un-helped whenever they need professional cleaning for their tiles. Irrespective of your particular area in Melbourne, you can avail our cleaning services at no additional cost. We will be happy to serve you. Just give us a call, tell your location and our cleaners will be there in no time!
Yes, we do work on weekends too. Why shouldn’t we? After all most of our customers can accommodate tile and grout cleaning on weekends only. And we are here to make things easier, simpler, and cheaper for our clients!

How do I know you are the best tile and grout cleaner?

We let our work speak for itself. Instead of boasting about providing the best tile and grout cleaners in Melbourne, we prefer doing a flawless job. And we are thankful to our clients who leave their precious feedback claiming that we are the number 1 choice for their tile and grout cleaning needs. If you wish to read about our client’s personal experiences with our cleaning services, please visit our Review Page.

What if I don’t find my question answered here?

If we have been unable to answer any of your questions here then you can directly talk to us at our customer service number i.e. 1300 362 217. Our customer care advisors will be happy to help you clear any of your doubts and queries.

Are your cleaners licensed to do tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne?

Yes, all our cleaners at Squeaky Clean Tile and Grout Melbourne are licensed to perform tile and grout cleaning in all suburbs of Melbourne. We make certain that all of our cleaners are educated, skilled, and properly trained apart from being licensed to be able to give you the best of quality service at the lowest possible prices. All you have to do is call us and make an appointment. We are waiting!

Can you clean concrete floors?

We are equipped and trained to clean all kinds of tiles and floors at both domestic as well as commercial level. Squeaky Clean Tile and Grout Melbourne experts can clean your concrete floors too. We have different cleaning solutions that work best on different kinds of floorings. With us, you do not need to worry about what kind of floor you have because we can handle all. Call us for a free quote and get your tiles looking like new.

What kind of tiles can you clean for Melbourne homes?

Squeaky Clean Tile and Grout Melbourne is equipped to clean all sorts of tiles and floors. From ceramic tiles, limestone, porcelain, quarry, slate, sandstone, vinyl and lino, granite, marble, terracotta, travertine, bluestone, to timber floor – we do it all. Got a tile? We will clean at the most affordable price in Melbourne. Call us!

Do you provide same day tile and grout cleaning services?

Yes, Squeaky Clean Tile and Grout Melbourne offers same day tile and grout cleaning services. And you do not have to pay any additional charges to avail this service.

Why grout sealing is important?

Grout is a porous compound and it easily absorbs spills and dust, just like your carpet does. Grout sealing process uses a sealant on the grouts to create a protection layer. This practically buys you more time to clean the soil and spills from your grouts before the porous material absorbs the same. In short, it provides stain resistance to your grouts. Ask our experts for the best suitable grout sealant for better stain resistance.

Co-operative Staff & Wonderful Tile Cleaning

I was in Melbourne last month visiting my family. I was pained to see that my mother had to scrub the tiles and grouts of the bathrooms frequently to keep them clean. This was making her tired. So I called up Squeaky Clean Tile and Grout Cleaning and have appointed them for regular cleaning at frequent intervals. Now my mom can relax and have peace of mind that her home is neat and tidy, without spending much. Thanks! – Kosta Vass

Are the chemicals used for tile cleaning harmful for my kids?

No, not the ones that we use at Squeaky Clean Tile and Grout Melbourne. We are equipped to handle all kinds of tiles and floors without using any harmful chemicals at all. We use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions for cleaning tiles and grouts that are absolutely harmless for your kids and pets too.

Is clear seal needed for my grout?

ANS: Yes, clear seal is very much needed for sealing your grout. It is an unseen layer of protection, which penetrates deep into the tiny pores of your grout. As a result you can clean up liquid-spills and dirt before it gets soaked into your grout. At Squeaky clean tile and grout we use the best quality of clear seal material, which is non water-resistant.

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